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 Green-Cow-Full-Final-White Work from somewhere you “want” to be, not “have” to be


Northwest Indiana's collaborative community for people, planet, and productivity


Envision a community that cares about community. That’s us. It’s not enough to put coffee and a 10 megabit internet connection in an abandoned warehouse and call it “collaborative.” We work hand-in-hand with local businesses, organizations, municipal agencies, and more to craft a community of coworkers who want to help others as much as they want to help themselves.


Remanufactured ink and toner. Recycled paper. Energy-efficient lights and appliances. Real, live, breathing plants and places for you to grow your own. If there’s a “green” will, there’s a “green” way, and we’ll find it.


The bottom line is that you’re here to get work done. If you’re going to pay someone for membership in a coworking space, shouldn’t the space provide every resource possible to get large returns out of your investment? Whether you’re a freelancer, part of a small team, a remote worker for a large company or otherwise, we work with you to expose and build the most-productive environment a coworking space can provide.

"If I had the chance I would be a greenCOW member. No questions asked."

-Thomas Edison

Free Conference Spaces

You shouldn’t have to pay extra for access to a conference room. Here, you don’t. We utilize a “credit” system that gives members monthly conference space usage and enables non-members to rent conference space at an hourly rate.

Fast Internet, Hot Coffee

All the bells and whistles in the world don’t matter if the basics aren’t included. Coffee and internet are included with each member subscription. Feel free to bring your own food and drink as well!

A Living Greenhouse

Fact: Oxygen increases brain productivity.
Fact: Healthy, living plants produce oxygen.
Fact: Working at greenCOW makes you smarter.

Intentional Community

You’ll be able to work in solitary if you must, otherwise you can enjoy our events and rooms dedicated to building a community that thrives together and puts the “CO” in coworking!

"Community isn't something that magically happens, you have to build it. That's what we're doing here."

-Lee Watson, Co-Founder, greenCOW

greenCOW is located at 5209 Hohman Avenue, Hammond, IN

Open 8-6 M-F

5209 Hohman Avenue, Hammond IN

greenCOW Coworking

Open 8-6 M-F