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As the digital age progresses, cubicles are getting smaller. Companies are cutting budgets and sending workers to work from the isolation of home. Freelancers are trying to work from distracting coffee shops. Entrepreneurs are having their growth stifled by unreasonably expensive office space. People are out there trying to get work done in places not built for getting work done. A coworking space is a place for all these people, including you, to get work done and collaborate with others.

How do you

fit in?

Community is made of people. You’re a people. We keep community development at the forefront of all our operations; from designing physical layouts to facilitating scheduled events, our goal is to empower you to never have to work alone, even if you’re working by yourself. Mutually beneficial synergies from people will different skills, experiences, and convictions are manifested at the tables of a coworking space. Will your question inspire the entrepreneur next to you? Can the advice from someone else help you connect the dots? Exactly how you fit in is up to you; a coworking community is like a jigsaw puzzle with no border pieces.

Free Conference Space

You shouldn’t have to pay extra for access to a conference room. Here, you don’t. We utilize a “credit” system that gives members monthly conference space usage and enables non-members to rent conference space at an hourly rate.

Fast Internet, Hot Coffee

The staple of any coworking space. You expect it, we provide it. Coffee and internet are included with each member subscription. The coffee is made fresh on an as-needed basis, and the internet is harvested from organic farmland only. Feel free to bring your own food and drink as well!

A Living Greenhouse

If you’re wondering, yes, they’re real. In addition to the aesthetic value of greenery in the workplace, plants produce oxygen, which literally makes your brain more effective. Enjoy a piece of the outside world while you’re hard at work!

Intentional Community

For many, the most valuable asset of a coworking space is its community. You’ll be able to work in solitary if you must, otherwise you can enjoy our events and rooms dedicated to building a community that thrives together and puts the “CO” in coworking!

Check the Facts

If coworking sounds like an exciting up-and-coming opportunity, you might be behind the times. Coworking is not “up-and-coming.” It’s here! Coworkers across the nation and around the world are breaking free from the coffee shops and cubicles. The results? People who cowork report improved health, greater income, increased productivity, stronger professional networks, higher confidence, and overall high levels of satisfaction with their coworking situation. By 2020 it is expected that 40% of the workforce will be freelancers, temps, independent contractors, and solopreneurs. Growing popularity means a rising standard for members, and greenCOW intends to continue this trend of excellence. (sources)


Coworking Survey Results

  • Feel Healthier 70% 70%
  • Better Networking Interactions 91% 91%
  • Higher Incomes 50% 50%
  • More Relaxed at Home When Not Working 60% 60%
  • Increased Confidence 90% 90%

greenCOW brought to you by…

Lee Watson

Lee Watson


My name is Lee and I helped start greenCOW because there was a gap in the market and a great opportunity to help northwest Indiana build a stronger sense of fellowship and community!

Kayleigh Nauracy

Kayleigh Nauracy

Marketing and Member Relations

I joined the team late Summer 2016 and immediately fell into this role. I love having the opportunity to help our greenCOW members build community together and climb greater heights than we could by ourselves.

Mitch Wright

Mitch Wright

Creative Director

Through the wonders of creativity and art, I make sure the things you see look awesome and the items you read make sense (You’re welcome). I want you to join our community!

Dakota McCoy

Dakota McCoy

Technical Director

“Technical Director” means I’m technically director…right? Right? Hello? Is anybody out there?